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Genuine Parts


Genuine Parts

To ensure best in class after sales services to our customers, genuine spare parts are made available at all of our authorized dealerships, distributors. We have more than 750 dealers and 57 distributors across India.

How to identify Swaraj Genuine Parts?

All Swaraj genuine parts come with following elements that help you identify the parts you are procuring are original/genuine.

New Stickers
Old Sticker

MRP Sticker: The MRP Sticker used on packaging is unique. It comprise a silver strip which when scratched emanates another strip with Swaraj logo embossed. The MRP sticker also has a separate Swaraj logo printed, which when exposed to UV light highlights another Swaraj logo in yellow colour.

Unique Packaging: The Swaraj parts packaging is unique. It carries a holographic strip with Swaraj genuine parts Logo embossed on it.

Note : The above has been initiated w.e.f from October’2014



XM Oil : It is Swaraj engine genuine oil recommended for general servicing. Usage of XM Oil greatly enhances the life & performance of the engine.

XM Super cool: It is Swaraj coolant recommended for radiator topping. Usage of XM Super coolant ensures excellent protection against rust ,cavitation and corrosion.