We understand our tractors better

Genuine Parts

We understand our tractors better.

How to identify Swaraj Genuine Parts?

Look for the following markers while procuring Swaraj genuine parts

MRP Sticker: The MRP Sticker used on packaging is exclusive. It comprises of a silver strip which when scratched, has another strip with an embossed Swaraj logo. The MRP sticker also has a separate Swaraj logo printed, which when exposed to UV light, highlights another Swaraj logo in yellow colour.

Unique Packaging: Swaraj parts are packaged in a unique way. It carries a holographic strip with Swaraj genuine parts logo embossed on it.


XM Oil: Swaraj engine genuine oil is an ideal solution for general servicing. It greatly enhances the life & performance of the engine.

XM Super cool: If you’re looking for radiator topping, we recommend you go for Swaraj coolant. It ensures excellent protection against rust, cavitation and corrosion.