SLX Gyrovator

swaraj SLX Gyrovator

Color available is- Swaraj Blue and Swaraj Orange.


  • Special gear box for 4 different speeds of the gyrovator shaft
  • Leveled surface with the gyrovator enables better fuel efficiency
  • Less pressure on soil aids better mixture of air and water
  • Adjustable trailing board
  • Water tight sealing enables better use on wet and dry land
  • After harvesting rice/paddy, it churns the remains of the crop to increase the humus
  • Both side oil filled bearings- for longer life and durability
  • Multiple depth adjuster for different type of usage

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At a Glance

Required Tractor kW (HP) : 29.82-33.55 kW (40-45 HP), 33.55-44.74 kW (45-60 HP)

No. of Blades : 36, 42, 48 & 60

Sizes : 1.50 Meter, 1.75 Meter, 2.0 Meter & 2.5 Meter