Straw Reaper

swaraj Straw Reaper

Straw Reaper is a chopper machine which cuts, Threshes & clean the straw in one operation. The wheat stalks left after combine harvest are cut by an oscillating blade while revolving reel pushes them back toward and auger. The stalks are conveyed into the machine by the auger and guide drum, which reaches the threshing cylinder which cut the stalks into small pieces against concave.


  • Heavy duty gear box
  • 288 blades in thresher drum
  • Special hand lever for stone trap and adjustment
  • Capacity – 1-2 acre per hour
  • Grain tank of capacity of 40-50 Kgs, collected from the residue

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At a Glance

Cutter bar Width (mm) : 2500 MM

No. of Blades : 30